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Primary Pre-primary Education: IHBIB

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Primary Pre-primary Education: IHBIB

In meeting its obligations to offer an individualized program for children with disabilities at age three, the district shall provide a special education preschool program at no cost to disabled students.

In addition, the district may provide a preschool program as part of the Colorado preschool program for four- and five-year-old children who lack learning readiness due to significant family risk factors, who are in need of language development or who are receiving services from the Colorado Department of Social Services as neglected or dependent children. Parents wishing to have their children participate in this program shall make application to the district. Participants then shall be selected on the basis of greatest need.

In an effort to offer a well-rounded and mainstream learning experience, the preschool program may be open on a tuition basis to students who are not disabled or eligible for the program because of the factors listed above in accordance with procedures developed by the administration which take into consideration space and staffing requirements.