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Professional Staff Schedules and Calendars: GCL

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Professional Staff Schedules and Calendars: GCL

The following policies shall govern the time schedules of instructional personnel:

1. The work year for regular, full-time instructional employees employed on a school-year basis shall be 185 days; time shall be scheduled for district and building orientation, in-service training or curriculum development and for parent-teacher conferences. A calendar will be developed annually. If the Superintendent declares a fiscal emergency during the budget year as allowed by state law, it may alter the work year of all employees.

2. Generally, the working day for these employees shall be determined by the school day established for students and by the instruction and activity schedules set up by the principal

3. Each member of the certificated staff shall be on duty before and after regular school hours for meetings with parents or the faculty at the discretion of the principal or supervisor.

4. Every effort shall be made by the administration to provide a uniform work day for employees where this is practical and consistent with the safe and efficient administration of the schools.

5. The work day shall provide for a thirty (30) minute duty-free lunch period.