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Professional Staff Training Workshops and Conferences: GCID

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Professional Staff Training Workshops and Conferences: GCID

Whenever possible, professional staff shall be encouraged to attend educational conferences when funds are available to permit such attendance. Staff shall be responsible for their own cost arrangements although under certain circumstances the district may pay mileage and/or fees.

When an individual is asked by the administration to attend such conferences, the district shall pay the necessary costs.

When an individual seeks to provide services to another school district, a private company, or another entity during school time, prior approval must be obtained from the principal or supervisor. Approval shall be contingent upon a minimal amount of disruption to the educational process of the classroom. If, in the principal/supervisor's judgment, the children will lose significant educational opportunity because of the absence of the teacher, the request should be denied. If the staff member is to be reimbursed, he/she shall, with the approval of the supervisor or principal, have one of the following options:

  1. Use of professional leave and return of the fee/honorarium to the school district. The district will supply the substitute.
  2. Use of professional leave and retention of the fee/honorarium but the employee will reimburse the district for the substitute.
  3. Use of leave without pay and retention of the fee/honorarium. The district will pay for the substitute.

In the event that the staff member is providing an education-related service to another school district, professional leave may be granted. The receiving school will be expected to supply the substitute costs.