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Program for Gifted Students: IHBB

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Program for Gifted Students: IHBB

The Superintendent is committed to providing educational opportunities to meet the unique needs of all students. In keeping with this philosophy, the Superintendent shall ensure that students demonstrating exceptional interests and abilities are identified and provided with educational experiences appropriate to those interests and abilities.

High interest/high ability students are those students whose abilities, talents and potential for accomplishment are so outstanding that they require special provisions to meet their educational needs. The district will, through comprehensive planning, ensure that those needs are addressed.

Under this policy, the individual school shall:

  1. Identify high interest/high ability students according to district criteria and processes.
  2. Provide instructional arrangements for meeting the needs of identified high interest/high ability students.
  3. Articulate individual students' programming to ensure continuity.
  4. Evaluate individual students' progress and building program goals.
  5. Provide staff development compatible with the building program goals.
  6. Provide opportunities for parent input and orientation.

It is recognized that defining programming for high interest/high ability students must be an evolving process, incorporating new insights as they are gained.