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Public Advertising in Schools: KH

  • School-Community Relations: K
Public Advertising in Schools: KH

The public school system shall cooperate with community organizations in helping the community forward its activities which serve to enrich the experiences of children. Such cooperation may take the forms outlined below.

  1. School Related Organizations: With the approval of the superintendent, these organizations may use school bulletin boards, and PA systems, and may have the privilege of sending notices home with children regarding their activities.
  2. Youth Oriented Nonprofit Organizations: With the superintendent's approval, these organizations may use school bulletin boards to disseminate information on applying for membership, activities, schedules, and events. No solicitations of money or sale of tickets will be permitted by these groups in the schools.

The schools will not provide access to students and staff, or to student and staff lists, for organizations or persons whose primary purpose is commercial. Commercial advertising on school property or on school grounds will occur only with the approval of the superintendent.