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Public Information Program: KD

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Public Information Program: KD

The residents of School District 27J are interested in their schools and recognize the unique and important function performed by local public schools in the United States. Therefore, the Superintendent shall make every attempt to:

  1. Keep the public informed about the policies, administration, financial decisions, objectives and educational programs of the schools.
  2. Provide the means for furnishing full and accurate information, together with interpretation and explanation of school plans and programs.

In meeting these goals, the Superintendent shall place great importance upon the role of the teacher and the school principal as communicator and interpreter of the school program to parents and the general public. Further, it recognizes that there are times when direct communication between school officials and the community is necessary. At such times, the Superintendent shall encourage and provide these opportunities.

The Superintendent shall report data on the achievement of its goals and objectives, educational achievement and graduation rates to the public on an annual basis. Data concerning a specific school building shall be made available to parents of students in that building.

The superintendent shall develop procedures and techniques for insuring continuous and free-flowing lines of communication among the staff and the district's residents and provide for means of public input in the governance of the school district and the local school.