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Public Records Fee Schedule: KDB-1-E

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Public Records Fee Schedule: KDB-1-E

The fees to be charged for duplicates of paper documents and for information that is the product of computer word processing are as follows:


  1. Student transcripts where the transcript is located at the school the student attended; free: first ten (10) copies by a student during a single school year; copies beyond ten (10) in a single school year: $5.00 Each;
  2. Student transcripts where the transcript is no longer at the school site: $5.00 Each;
  3. Student records other than transcripts, when supplied to the student in question or their parent/guardian: $.25/page;
  4. Documents other than those identified above, .25/Page unless the person at the site (e.g. school clerk) waives the fee;
  5. Certified copies: $3.00/Page;
  6. Duplicating microfilm: $.25/frame;

Data Resulting from Computer Output

When a request for public records is made and the records are the result of computer output other than word processing, the employee to whom such request is made shall apply the following fee schedule. Consistent with federal regulations, no fees may be charged to a parent/guardian or eligible student for searching for or retrieval of student’s records. (All fees are in addition to the costs of photocopying or other duplication):

$50.00/Hour, with a minimum charge of one (1) hour.