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Relations with Parent Organizations: KBC

  • School-Community Relations: K
Relations with Parent Organizations: KBC

The Superintendent recognizes and supports school parent advisory and accountability groups as major means of cooperation among school personnel and parents. Staff members shall be encouraged to become active members of these groups. The Superintendent shall encourage the participation and services to the schools by such organizations.

Further, it is encouraged that each of these support organizations properly operates consistent with a written set of bylaws, elect officers, and maintain a structure for accounting of moneys collected by the organization.


Support groups maintain a unique and privileged association with the school district. Close functional relationships among PAC's and other support groups are crucial for the success of these groups. Principals and teaching staffs are encouraged to cooperate and participate with school support organizations.

Participation of principals and district staff does not mean the district is officially sanctioning the organization as a district-sponsored activity nor approving of their operating bylaws, activities or accounting mechanisms. No fiduciary or pecuniary relationship is created or implied by the involvement of school district personnel participating in support organizations.

The principal shall have final recommending authority to the superintendent on matters relating to facility usage, school personnel participation as it relates to the use of school time, or acceptance of gifts and donations. The superintendent shall have final authority in resolving conflict relating to the use of school personnel, resources, or facilities by support organizations.

It is suggested that principals do not hold official title or functional office in support organizations or in school accountability committees but act as advisors to the support organization.


Support organizations may schedule fund-raising events to solicit money to operate and to achieve their organizational objectives. The Superintendent supports and encourages building accountability committees and or parent groups to work cooperatively with building administrators in identifying appropriate fund-raising activities and providing logistical advice so the activity proceeds smoothly and effectively.

When the public is approached for solicitation of money by school-related support groups, it must be clearly indicated that the funds are being given to the support organization and not directly to the school.

Parent organizations may make a donation to the school or district’s general fund, but may not specify any monies to be utilized for the payment of salaries for a particular position or person. All salaries or remuneration for the fulfillment of employment contracts must come as direct payment from the school district.