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Relations with State Agencies: KLG

  • School-Community Relations: K
Relations with State Agencies: KLG

To enhance the safety and security of students, staff and community, a cooperative and proactive effort shall be maintained between the officials of the school district and state agencies.

The Superintendent shall cooperate and to the extent possible develop written agreements with law enforcement officials, the juvenile justice system and social services, as allowed under state and federal law, to keep each school environment safe.

This cooperative and proactive effort shall pursue the following primary objectives:

  1. Development and periodic review of crisis prevention and management plans and safe school plans.
  2. Assessment of district and building security, safety, and violence prevention policies and procedures.
  3. Development of guidelines for how and when to contact state agencies and what support the district shall provide to aid in the effectiveness of the state agency.
  4. Protection of the civil rights of all individuals.