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Remote Work Policy: GBM

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Remote Work Policy: GBM

Staff continue to demonstrate that the mission can be served in certain roles regardless of location. Specific job responsibilities and positions may be eligible for on-site work flexibility within the regulations below. For the purposes of this Policy, “remote work” is defined as the performance of the essential functions of an employee’s position in an alternate work location (a space other than one owned or leased by the District). The District wishes to facilitate the use of remote work arrangements as provided by this Policy when it is in the best interest of the District and the mission.

  1. Remote work shall be determined by the supervisor based on (1) work need; (2) client service; (3) essential job responsibilities; (4) functionality; (5) the staff member’s ability to efficiently and productively complete assigned tasks; (6) general fairness across the department.
  2. The option to work remotely is not guaranteed as a condition of employment; a staff member shall report to on-site work as required by the supervisor.
  3. All changes to staff remote work versus on-site work schedules shall be approved by the supervisor.
  4. Supervisors shall inform department directors and chiefs of remote work schedules.
  5. Any staff member’s personal issue/responsibilities that interfere with a staff member's scheduled work shall be reported as a temporary leave. (If a staff member is too sick to work in-building, then the staff member shall report temp leave.)
  6. The District shall not furnish (desks, chairs, et al) nor provide non-technology tools for remote work. If due to a specific work need, the supervisor requires remote regular work, the supervisor will insure the staff member is able to accomplish essential job functions by providing the appropriate technical tools.
  7. Supervisors will make the best possible effort to inform staff prior to hiring about the potential for remote work.
  8. Closure: Unless otherwise authorized by the superintendent, staff members who have remote work scheduled regularly shall work remotely during a snow day as scheduled for regular pay or take temporary leave.