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Repay Post-Secondary Options: IHCD-E3

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Repay Post-Secondary Options: IHCD-E3

School District 27J
18551 E. 160th Ave.
Brighton, CO 80601

(Due to your high school counselor by November 30th for spring semester classes, and by May 5th for fall semester classes)

This PROMISE TO REPAY is made by the undersigned parent and/or guardian (“Parent”) of____________________________________________ (“Student”) and is made by Parent and Student on Student’s behalf, in favor of School District 27J.

1. We understand that under the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act, C.R.S. §§ 22-35-101 et seq., School District 27J shall pay a student’s tuition for the first two qualifying postsecondary courses per academic term if the student is eligible for a free or reduced cost lunch or if the student has been approved for a waiver from pre-payment of tuition.

2. We agree to repay the amount of tuition to School District 27J if Student fails to receive a grade of C or better, or otherwise does not complete the postsecondary course(s) for any reason, unless the high school principal has approved, in writing, to waive the repayment requirement.

3. If we fail to reimburse School District 27J within sixty (60) days of School District 27J’s written request for reimbursement due to Student’s failure to successfully complete the postsecondary course(s), we agree to be responsible for any attorney’s fees and costs reasonably incurred by School District 27J to collect from us the amount of tuition paid by School District 27J on Student’s behalf.

We have read, understand, and agree to the above statements concerning this Promise to Repay.

Student Signature ____________________________________________ Date __________________ Parent Signature _____________________________________________ Date _________



Student qualifies to have School District 27J pre-pay his or her tuition because (check only one):

Student qualifies for free and reduced cost lunch under the National School Lunch Act

Student has been approved for a waiver because Student is financially unable to pre-pay the tuition and Student and Parent have completed an Application for Waiver from Pre-payment of Tuition to Participate in Postsecondary Enrollment Options Program.

Principal Signature _______________________________________ Date __________________________