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Safety Program: EB

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Safety Program: EB

It shall be the policy of the Superintendent to guard against accidents by taking reasonable precautions to protect the safety of all students, employees, visitors and others present on the district property or at school-sponsored events.

The Superintendent shall insist that its staff adhere to recommended safety practices as these pertain to the school plant, special areas of instruction, student transportation, school sports, occupational safety, etc.

The practice of safety shall also be considered a facet of the instructional program of the district schools, and instruction in accident prevention as well as fire prevention; emergency procedures; traffic, bicycle and pedestrian safety; and driver education may be provided in the appropriate grades and classes.

Every principal shall be responsible for the supervision of a safety program for his school. The superintendent shall have overall responsibility for the safety program of the district. It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to see that appropriate staff members are kept informed of current state and local requirements relating to fire prevention, civil defense, sanitation, public health and occupational safety.