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Salary Deductions: DKB

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Salary Deductions: DKB

Deductions shall be made from the paychecks of all employees for retirement and federal, Medicare, and state income tax in keeping with federal and state requirements.

Salary deductions shall be made for absences not covered by leave policies adopted by the Board of Education. Such deductions shall be calculated on the basis of the employee’s work year.

All other types of deductions shall require Superintendent approval and written permission of the employee.

All employees are entitled to take advantage of the provisions of Section 403 (b) 401 (K), and 125 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended, whereby a public school employee may have his pay reduced by an amount which is placed into his account with a firm which will establish this sum as an annuity account.

The Superintendent shall develop procedures and guidelines for such support.