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School Admissions: JF-R

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School Admissions: JF-R

All requests for registration in a district school should be made to the principal of the school in the student's appropriate attendance area. If a child meets age and residence requirements as set forth in Superintendent Policy, he/she and/or his/her parents will be asked to complete the following forms:

  1. New Household Enrollment and New Student Enrollment forms – these forms record general information about the student, emergency information and the previous school attended.
  2. Immunization form -- all students entering school for the first time in this district must be immunized for polio, diphtheria, tetanus, measles (red) and rubella (German measles). Certificate of immunization to verify immunization must be completed for all kindergarten students and all transfer students from out of the district. Those without proper immunizations face possible exclusion from school. Exemptions for proper immunization may be granted according to State Statute.
  3. Home language survey needs to be completed by the parent to assess whether the student may benefit from English language acquisition support.
  4. Release of record form -- The release form should be signed by the parent who gives permission to request records from the previous school.

At the time of registration, students shall be given the following information:

  1. Free lunch applications -- A letter will be given the parents at registration informing them of the free or reduced lunch program and the procedure for applying for child participation. An application is attached to the letter to be filled out by the parents if they desire.
  2. School insurance -- Information concerning school insurance is given to the parent at registration.