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School Bus Scheduling: EEAC-R

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School Bus Scheduling: EEAC-R

Bus stops shall be planned so that a student does not have to cross a major thoroughfare immediately after getting off the bus. Bus stops shall not be set up along major thoroughfares whenever access is possible by the use of an adjacent street or road. A "major thoroughfare," as defined in state law, is a freeway, a U.S. highway outside incorporated limits, an interstate highway, a highway with four or more lanes, or a road with a median separating multiple lanes of traffic.

Drivers are to make no changes whatsoever in routes or receiving and discharging points except in cases where road conditions require an immediate decision and such changes are absolutely required. When such conditions prevail, safety of the students is to be the governing factor. Drivers are to report such conditions to the transportation supervisor as soon as possible.

Students always are to be received and discharged at the same point and are to ride their assigned bus. No one except school personnel and students regularly assigned to a school transportation vehicle for a particular route and schedule may ride in such vehicle, unless he or she has received prior authorization from the appropriate district/service provider, administrator or designee.