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School Closings and Cancellations: EBCE

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School Closings and Cancellations: EBCE

The superintendent is empowered to close the schools or to dismiss them early in event of hazardous weather or other emergencies which threaten the safety, health, or welfare of students or staff members. It is understood that the superintendent will take such action only after consultation with appropriate authorities.

Parents, students, and staff members must be informed early in each school year as to how they will be notified in the event of emergency closings or early dismissals.

All staff members, except for teachers and personnel who work only on teacher work days or on student days, unless otherwise notified must be required to report to work as soon as possible on emergency days.

In the event school is physically closed due to a public health emergency, all staff with direct student contact or associated with student attendance will not physically report to work unless notified otherwise. Instead, the district will utilize a form of remote instruction. Remote instruction allows students to access lessons provided by, and supported by, their regular teachers and allows students to continue their sequence of learning despite their inability to access facilities.

During days of remote instruction, teachers will take attendance and monitor student participation through Infinite Campus. For situations that are out of the control of the student, days of remote instruction will be treated with the same exceptions as an excused absence in regard to work assigned.

The superintendent or their designee will develop administrative regulations or a plan for implementing this policy.