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School Owned Vehicle1: EEBA-R

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School Owned Vehicle1: EEBA-R

The following regulations shall apply to the district-owned passenger vehicle:

1. Use of the vehicle must be approved by the appropriate administrator.

2. The use of the vehicle shall be scheduled as much as possible on a first come, first served basis.

3. In the event the vehicle is not available, alternate transportation will be provided.

4. A maximum of nine passengers and one driver shall be transported at any one time.

5. A per mile amount shall be charged to the school or department using the vehicle.

6. A copy of these charges shall be submitted to the finance office and the school or department involved.

7. In the event a bus driver is needed to drive the vehicle, an hourly charge will be assessed.

8. Drivers must be district employees or elected school officials 21 years of age that possess a safe driving record. A safe driving record shall mean no more than 12 moving violation/infraction points as established by the Colorado Motor Vehicle division in the last 3 years, and no D.U.I. or D.W.I. in the last 3 years. Driving record checks shall be made on drivers of school-owned vehicles. Drivers must possess a valid Colorado driver`s license.

9. Drivers will be allowed to transport students a maximum of 18 trips per school year.

10. In the event the vehicle is used for out-of-town or extended trips, a credit card may be issued to the driver. This credit card shall be used for gasoline, oil and repairs only.