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School Properties Disposal: DN

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School Properties Disposal: DN

Personal Property

The superintendent or designee shall determine whether District property other than real property are obsolete, surplus and/or of no further value to the District. The reuse of personal property within the District shall be attempted whenever practical.

Surplus personal property shall be disposed of as follows:

  1. Sold by sealed bid or auction, whichever is deemed most advantageous to the District;
  2. Traded in as part of a purchase of similar equipment;
  3. Donated to a charitable or government organization.
  4. Destroyed by burning, burial, throwing away or similar means.

The sale, donation, destruction or conveyance of surplus personal property requiring the passage of recorded title must be approved in advance by the superintendent or designee.

The Finance office must be notified if property is disposed of where the original purchase price exceeded $5,000, has an inventory tag, or was originally purchased with grant funds.

District personnel are prohibited from purchasing such surplus personal property except at official public sales in accordance with the prescribed methods applicable to the general public.

Real Property

The Superintendent has the authority to sell or lease district real property which may not be needed in the foreseeable future upon such terms and conditions as it may approve.

If lands, buildings, or lands and buildings are sold, the proceeds less the cost of the sale shall be deposited in and expended from either the building fund or capital reserve fund as is determined by the Superintendent.