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Student Conduct on Bus: EEAEC-R

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Student Conduct on Bus: EEAEC-R

The following rules of conduct for school buses shall be adhered to by all students:

  1. Passengers should observe the same conduct as in the classroom by going to their seats without crowding or pushing and shall remain seated while the bus is in motion. The driver has the authority and the discretion to assign students to seats on the bus.
  2. Passengers shall not extend arms, legs or heads out of the bus windows.
  3. Passengers shall not distract the driver while the bus is in motion.
  4. Passengers will not tamper with the emergency doors or windows or any other part of the bus equipment.
  5. Passengers shall not mar or deface the bus and its equipment.
  6. Passengers shall not open the bus windows except by direction of the bus driver.
  7. Passengers shall not fight or scuffle on the bus or throw objects inside the bus or from the bus windows.
  8. Passengers will keep personal possessions out of the aisle of the bus.
  9. Passengers must remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop.
  10. Passengers shall exit the bus in an orderly manner.
  11. Passengers shall not eat or drink on regular bus routes.
  12. Passengers shall not discard paper, food, gum or other waste on bus.
  13. Passengers shall not smoke, chew tobacco, or use drugs or alcohol on the bus.
  14. All passengers shall get off the bus at their regular stop or have written permission from parents or guardians to do otherwise, upon approval of school administration.
  15. Passengers will gather along routes at predetermined bus stops.
  16. Profanity by passengers will not be tolerated.
  17. Passengers must cooperate with the driver and driver shall have the authority to refuse to allow any items, material, or equipment on the bus that could, in the driver’s opinion, endanger the safety of others. This includes animals of any kind and sports or music equipment.

Discipline for students not following the rules of conduct on school buses shall be governed by the following:

  1. A warning will be issued by the principal upon initial offense.
  2. Second offense--The principal will contact the parent or guardian concerning the incident. For this offense, the student may be suspended from bus privileges for up to three consecutive days. The principal may exercise his judgment in imposing other disciplinary measures in lieu of suspension.
  3. Third offense--The student may have a conference with the principal, parent, transportation supervisor and bus driver. The principal shall have the authority to suspend the student from bus privileges for the remainder of the semester or school year depending upon the severity of the offense.

Parents shall be notified in writing by the principal of all bus rule infractions. If students are to be suspended from bus privileges, parents will be notified prior to the day that the suspension occurs.

Appeal procedures for discipline cases will be the same as described in Superintendent policy regarding suspension and expulsion (JGD/JGE).

Handicapped students will follow established rules of conduct unless determined by the staffing team that alternative arrangements are necessary in lieu of the handicapping condition.