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Student Demonstrations and Strikes: JIJ

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Student Demonstrations and Strikes: JIJ

Students shall be entitled to express their opinions in a pubic school setting. However, school authorities may impose reasonable restraints upon the exercise of both speech and movement to protect the vital public interest in the efficient operation of the school.

The right of an individual to express himself shall extend to his presence in the school as long as his conduct does not materially disrupt class work, involve substantial disorder, invade the rights of others or undermine constituted authority.

Any student or student group which feels that changes are necessary in the educational program shall adhere to established procedures so that the proposals for change may be considered in a calm and business-like atmosphere. In order to ensure the orderly process of education and school business and the safety of persons and property, the policies and procedures established by the board shall be followed in the vent of any demonstration on school property or within school buildings. Conduct in class or out of class which materially disrupts classwork or involves substantial disorder or invasion of the rights of others is therefore prohibited.

Rioting, property seizures, destruction of property, break-ins, sit-ins, violence between students or toward faculty members, disruptive picketing or other forms of disruptive behavior shall not be permitted. Organizing, planning or participating in such activities may result in suspension, expulsion or filing of charges in accordance with law.