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Student Dismissal Precautions: JLIB-R

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Student Dismissal Precautions: JLIB-R

1. The enrollment records of the district shall include current information regarding the marital status of a student's parents. Special custody arrangements will be noted for reference.

2. If a student's parents are divorced or legally separated, district personnel shall request a copy of the legal document pertaining to child custody.

3. If a person whom the building principal does not recognize appears at school requesting the early dismissal of a student, the principal shall ask for identification, and shall not release the student unless there is prior permission from the parent or guardian.

4. Students who leave school during their normal school day must check out at the office before leaving campus. Students leaving without having made proper arrangements with the school will be considered truant. Permission to leave will be requested in advance by the parent/ guardian.

5. Should a parent, guardian, or other authorized individual arrive to pick up a student and appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the student will not be released to that individual. The building principal, or his/her designee, will make every effort to contact another authorized individual to come and pick up the student. If no other person is available, local law enforcement will be contacted to assist with the situation.

6. Staff participating in an investigation or the filing of a report pursuant to this policy or participating in a judicial proceeding resulting from such a report shall be immune from any liability, civil or criminal, that might otherwise be incurred or imposed, except for maliciously false statements.