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Student Fees Fines and Charges: JQ

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Student Fees Fines and Charges: JQ

The free use of textbooks and books used in the classroom for reference will be provided on a loan basis to students enrolled in the public schools of the District. However, students shall be assessed fines for careless breakage, lost/stolen/damaged/defaced books (including those checked out from the library), and lost/stolen materials or equipment. The fines will be for the replacement cost amount of the loss. Building administrators may waive fees for stolen items if circumstances warrant that such is the case.

When determining student costs for vocational/industrial/fine arts class, the teachers shall determine a basic course for each class which can be completed with materials furnished by the school; and the students shall be required to pay for materials that go into shop, crafts or art projects that are above basic requirements for the course and are to be retained by the student.

Students participating in activities which are not required or used in the determination of a grade may be required to pay charges covering the cost of the activity. Such charges may include but are not limited to admission fees, food costs and transportation costs on field trips. However, the teacher/principal will make every effort to be sure no student is denied the right to participate in trips or other enrichment activities because of lack of funds. Fees will also be assessed to cover costs of cleaning items necessary for participation in extracurricular activities, e.g. Choral robes, band uniforms.

Current fees and other charges shall be waived for indigent students; however, fines for careless breakage, lost/stolen/damaged books, and loss of materials or equipment may be assessed through special arrangements such as student working at the school. Fee waivers will not be applied retroactively past the semester in which the eligibility form is submitted and the request to waive fees is made. For purposes of determining if a student is able to pay, an indigent child is defined as any child who is eligible for a free or reduced price lunch under the poverty income guidelines. Please contact your student’s building administrator for assistance in determining whether or not your student qualifies for a fee waiver.

Any fee collected shall be used for the purpose set forth by the Superintendent on authorizing collection of the fee and shall not be expended for any other purpose.

The district reserves the right to restrict or prohibit participation in extracurricular (sports, clubs) and/or academic programs (graduation exercises) as a result of the nonpayment of appropriately assigned fees. Transcripts may be withheld for students who transfer out of the district with outstanding fees. In addition, the district, at its discretion may choose to seek assistance in the collection of fees from an outside, independent collection agency.

Beginning in the second semester of the 2012-2013 school year, students who have not paid appropriately assessed fees will not be allowed to participate in athletics or extra-curricular activities until all 2012-13 athletic or extra-curricular activities outstanding fees/fines are paid.

Beginning in August 2013, students who have not paid all appropriately assessed fees will not be allowed to participate in athletics or extra-curricular activities until ALL outstanding fees/fines are paid.