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Student Gifts and Solicitations: JP-R

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Student Gifts and Solicitations: JP-R

All school-sponsored organizations, clubs or classes in grades K-12 who engage in the selling of goods within the school or within the community must do so in accordance with the following regulations:

1. Schools shall establish a solicitation council.

2. Solicitors must have the solicitation council's approval before soliciting. Pamphlets or sample products must be approved.

3. All school-sponsored student organizations shall provide a yearly budget to the building administration, which shows anticipated revenues and expenditures.

4. Solicitors shall submit their proposed money-making plan to the solicitation council two weeks in advance of any soliciting.

5. Groups must request a specific selling time to be approved by the council which will not exceed two weeks.

  • a. Extensions must be approved by the council.
  • b. A maximum of two groups within a school will be allowed to sell in a one-week period.
  • c. The council shall have the discretion to turn away a request to solicit until a later date in the case of extra solicitation requests.

6. Fundraising activities should be coordinated throughout the District, including coordination of business solicitations so that the same people are not asked repeatedly.

7. Schools should assure that only quality merchandise is available for fund raising. Merchandise should be reasonably priced.

School groups selling door-to-door in the community shall do so in accordance with the following:

  1. A permit must be obtained from the City of Brighton city clerk.
  2. Club sponsors should submit the names of all members planning to solicit.
  3. Letters of identification shall be typed for each student and returned to the club sponsors who will distribute them to the members prior to solicitation.
  4. Club members shall wear or carry identification indicating their names and the name of the club while soliciting and shall explain the purpose of soliciting to the prospective purchaser.
  5. Door-to-door community solicitation shall be permitted for high school students only upon approval of the building administration.

Failure to follow these regulations will result in a fine of UP TO 30 percent of the profits of the activity to be placed in a school fund at the principal's discretion. The club, class or group that failed to properly implement the regulations will not be allowed further fund-raising for the remainder of the school year.

Each elementary and middle school shall be limited to one major fund raising activity a year that involves students selling to parents, etc. in order to limit placing pressure upon parents, grandparents, etc. This shall not include PTO activities. These funds shall be raised for the school and shall be spent by the school as directed by the building administration.

Each school shall be limited to one fund raiser per year by charity groups that solicit funds (Heart Fund, Jerry's kids, walkathons, etc.) for their organizations using students as the prime solicitors.