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Student Health Services Requirements: JLC

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Student Health Services Requirements: JLC

The general objectives of the health program in the district shall be to:

  1. Help each student maintain or gain the best physical, mental and social health of which he is capable.
  2. Teach students the meaning of positive health and how to maintain it.
  3. Prevent disease and provide for early detection, correction and remedy of defects.
  4. Provide for an assessment of medical history as per the student services comprehensive evaluation process for suspected and identified handicapped students.
  5. Refer those students whose parents, because of limited means, are unable to provide private medical care to hospitals, clinics or other public institutions and agencies that provide facilities for medical care and treatment within the limitations of parental ability to pay.

Annual Screening Programs

The sight and hearing of all students in kindergarten, first, second, third, fifth, seventh and ninth grades or students in comparable age groups, special education referrals and students new to the district referred for testing shall be tested during the school year by the school nurse, teacher, principal or other qualified person authorized by the school district, as required by law.

The parents or guardian shall be informed when a deficiency is found.

This provision shall not apply to any student whose parents or guardian objects on religious or personal grounds.

Health Record

Health records shall be maintained by each school and kept in the student's cumulative record folder. A health care plan will be developed and maintained on file for those students with chronic health conditions over and above the typical student. Health care cards will be maintained at each building to record routine incidences of health care instruction.