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Student Transportation in Private Vehicle: EEAG

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Student Transportation in Private Vehicle: EEAG

Staff members should only transport a student or group of students in their own cars for school-related purposes if they have standing authorization to do so or with special permission covering the specific trip.

Standing authorization shall be granted by the Superintendent to school administrators, school nurses and other personnel who need to intermittently transport students as a part of their job requirements.

Special permission for providing student transportation may be granted in exceptional cases by the school principal to parents and other professional staff members such as coaches, music teachers and activity sponsors. Exceptional cases shall be determined by review of the number of students traveling, relative costs, safety factors, distance, etc.

Personnel with standing authorization or with special permission to use their own cars for transporting students must carry liability coverage in the amounts of $100,000 - $300,000 personal injury liability and $25,000 property damage. A record of such coverage shall be the responsibility of the appropriate administrative official who grants the special permission for usage of the private vehicle.