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Suicide Assessment Policy: JKE

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Suicide Assessment Policy: JKE

1.0 The District will follow the Suicide Prevention Best Practices Recommendations

2.0 Follow the Suicide Risk Assessment Action Checklist: Link

3.0 In support of maintaining school safety, trained staff will investigate reports of or evidence (written, verbal or physical) regarding student behavior suggesting that the student is contemplating suicide.

4.0 In assessing the potential level of risk of a student’s behavior, trained staff may conduct a suicide assessment following a 27J Schools District protocol. Parents or guardians may be invited to assist school staff in completing the assessment. However, parent refusal to assist staff in completing assessment will not prevent staff from completing those parts of the assessment about which staff is knowledgeable.

5.0 Parents or guardians will be notified when a suicide assessment is being conducted or as soon as possible after such assessment has been conducted regarding their student. Records of student suicide assessment shall be provided to parents upon request.

6.0 Interventions as deemed appropriate and necessary based upon the results of a suicide staff assessment may include parental referral to support resources and the development of a support plan. Students who are determined to be at risk of self-harm may be excluded from school to allow for appropriate mental health intervention. Absences under these circumstances will be excused as described in the student attendance policy.

7.0 The District may require verification of ongoing participation and appropriate progress in mental health treatment services at the parent’s expense as a condition of a student being considered for re-admission to school following any exclusion for potentially suicidal behavior.

8.0 When the student is ready to return to school, the school will refer to the Re-entry Procedure: Link

9.0 Schools will follow the Post-Suicide Response: Link