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Technology Resources: IJND

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Technology Resources: IJND

The Superintendent recognizes the significance of the constant emergence of new technologies and their potential to improve educational services.

The purchase and utilization of these technologies should be based on specifically identified instructional, administrative or other educational service needs. These uses should result in increased productivity of the staff and/or students.

Computer Acquisition and Utilization

The Superintendent recognizes that technology increasingly pervades the society in which we live. Central to this technological revolution is the rapid advance in computers and a corresponding expansion of communications technology, which permits integration of various computer systems.

Therefore, the Superintendent will use computers within its jurisdiction for instructional support and administrative purposes.

The basic activities in establishing and maintaining the use of computers are:

  • acquiring and maintaining the necessary equipment (hardware);
  • acquiring, adapting and/or developing computer programs (software);
  • providing appropriate training for staff involved with the use of computers;
  • ensuring appropriate liaison within the organization;
  • providing leadership, guidance, and awareness in the use of computers.

The Technology Department will ensure compatibility and overall coordination of computer acquisition and utilization.

Computer Software Screening and Selection

With the current proliferation of computer software for education purposes, a Latin phrase, “caveat emptor” (let the buyer beware) is the best guide. Issues such as acquisition, cost, protection, piracy, licensing, and evaluation make it necessary to set clear guidelines and procedures for the review, evaluation, purchase, and control of software.

Certain software programs, for identified purposes, will be selected and purchased at the district level.

Software programs may be purchased at the building level from building funds provided they have been previewed, evaluated, and approved. It is advised that the evaluation procedure for courseware includes a trial with students.

Software programs are not to be purchased based solely upon a catalog description or a demonstration disk. The district will purchase software only from those vendors who allow preview of the full program, either on a trial basis, through a full demonstration with the vendor present, or on a purchase/preview arrangement.

Unauthorized copying of a program is in violation of district policy and in violation of copyright law and will not be tolerated.

Software donated to the school district or software available free will be evaluated and must be approved prior to its use.