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Temporary and Substitute Support Staff Employment: GDG

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Temporary and Substitute Support Staff Employment: GDG

The Superintendent shall maintain an authorized list of personnel to be used for substitute or temporary employment. The Superintendent is to notify and direct persons on the list to perform such service for the district as may be required on a temporary basis. The Superintendent authorizes principals/supervisors to supervise persons selected to perform as substitute employees in their buildings/departments on a temporary basis as needed.

The Superintendent shall approve substitute employees through regular personnel recommendations. Authorization by the Superintendent to pay personnel performing services on a temporary basis shall constitute employment for services provided during the period of time covered by such payment. Such payment shall not constitute any assurance or offer of continuing employment without specific Superintendent action.

Prior to adding a person's name to the list, a background check shall be carried out in accordance with state law. Temporary and substitute personnel also shall submit a set of fingerprints and a notarized form with information about felony or misdemeanor convictions. Persons failing to provide this information shall not be added to the authorized list.