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Testing Programs: ILA

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Testing Programs: ILA

A systematic and coordinated program of achievement testing shall be maintained in order to:

  1. Determine the progress of students in the district.
  2. Assess the effectiveness of the instructional programs.
  3. Aid in counseling and guiding students.
  4. Assist in the diagnosis of student learning difficulties.
  5. Meet requirements of the state testing program.
  6. Assist in educational research by providing data.

No individual or group psychological or sociometric test nor any test not directly concerned with measuring student ability or achievement in the educational program shall be administered by or with the knowledge of any employee of this district without first advising the parents or guardians of the children concerned and obtaining their consent.

Tests, questionnaires, surveys or examinations containing any questions about parents' or students' beliefs or practice in sex, family life, morality and religion shall only be administered to students after the parent or guardian of the student is notified in writing that such an instrument is to be administered and the parent or guardian gives written permission for the student to participate.

An exception to the above may be made by the Superintendent if the instrument is answered anonymously by the student and if the specific test, questionnaire, or survey is specifically approved by the Board as a means of evaluating an area of the school curriculum or program that is of special concern or responds to a particular educational need within the school district.