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Testing Programs: ILA-R

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Testing Programs: ILA-R

Standardized Testing The following procedures for administering group achievement testing programs shall be conducted at the district level:

  1. Standardized testing shall also occur for college entrance requirements for high school students.
  2. Selection of the dates for the tests.
  3. Reporting of scores on selected grade levels to the Colorado Department of Education.
  4. Interpretation of results of the testing to the Board, the school administration, and to the general public in order to determine progress, aid in counseling and guidance of students and to provide for program evaluation and planning.

The following responsibilities will be conducted at the building level:

  1. Designation of appropriate time and location to administer selected tests.
  2. Selection of personnel to supervise and administer appropriate tests.
  3. 3. Administration of the designated test.

Individually Administered Standardized Tests

Prior to any individually administered standardized test being undertaken, school personnel shall:

  1. 1. Give the parent the reasons for the assessment with an opportunity for a face-to-face conference with the school personnel in a language in which the parent is fluent.
  2. 2. Obtain written permission from the parent to conduct the assessment. Such written permission forms shall be in Spanish and English or other dominant language.
  3. 3. If the parent refuses to give permission for the assessment or fails to respond after reasonable efforts by district personnel, the superintendent may recommend that the child may be significantly harmed and the Superintendent may elect to institute court dependence proceedings to obtain authorization for assessment.
  4. 4. If the child's parent is unknown or unavailable, the district may choose to petition the court for a guardian ad litem to be appointed for the purpose of consenting or refusing to consent to assessment as provided for in state and federal regulations.

Standardized assessment procedures must protect the interests of the child. Any district personnel administering an individual standardized evaluation shall be certificated, endorsed or otherwise approved by the Colorado Department of Education.

Individually administered standardized tests must be selected to minimize any type of cultural or ethnic bias. Children shall be assessed in the appropriate language and/or through the use of non-verbal techniques.

Group Standardized, Sociometric and Achievement Tests

Prior to the administration of any group standardized, sociometric or achievement test, notice of the nature of the test, its purpose and the proposed schedule for its administration shall be given to parents or guardians of the students who are to be tested.

Accompanying the notification of scheduled testing shall be a statement to the parents or guardians of the student that:

1. Parents or guardians have the right to refuse to grant permission for such testing.

2. Permission for such testing is presumed unless otherwise stated by parents or guardians.

3. A signed form indicating refusal shall be returned to the appropriate district personnel before the scheduled date of testing.

All notifications and forms shall be written in Spanish and English.

Questionnaires and Surveys

Prior to the administration of any questionnaire, survey or examination which contains questions concerning parents' or students' beliefs or practices in sex, family life, morality or religion, written permission must be obtained from the parent or guardian of the student.

An explanation of the purpose of such questionnaire, survey or examination shall be given to parents or guardians of the student. Notifications and permission forms shall be written in Spanish and English.