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Form Request to Conduct Research: LC-E

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Form Request to Conduct Research: LC-E




Name of Applicant_____________________________________ Date________________ Address_____________________________________________

Agency or Institution Sponsoring the Research Project_________

Name of Person Supervising the Project____________________



Title of the Research___________________________________

Nature of Project: Attach a proposal that follows the "Guidelines for Proposals to do Research in Brighton School District 27J." Also attach copies of all materials to be used in the study.


If granted permission to conduct this research project in Brighton School District 27J, I (we) agree to the following conditions:

  1. The conduct of the research study will be consistent with the District's policies and procedures for educational research projects.
  2. Persons and places used in the project will remain anonymous except by prior approval.
  3. Any modifications of the approved plan will be submitted in advance to the Executive Director of Student Achievement.
  4. Copies of all project reports (dissertations, journal articles, etc.), copies of all project data (tapes, cards, tabulations, etc.) collected within Brighton School District 27J, and a one-page summary of results will be submitted to the Office of Assessment at the conclusion of the research project. The District does not authorize release of any data for publication or dissemination of any kind until findings are reported in writing to the District and then only with specific permission in writing from the Executive Director of Student Achievement.
  5. No request may be initiated after March 15 if the project is to be conducted during that school year. All research must be completed by April 30.

This form must be completed, signed by your supervisor, when applicable, and returned to the Office of Assessment with all necessary attachments. This should be done early enough so that ample time is available for conducting research projects. Processing research requests takes four weeks.

____________________________Research Applicant Signature

______________________Person Supervising Project Signature



For Proposal to do Research in

School District 27-J

  1. Project title, name(s) of the researcher(s), and an abstract, not to exceed 200 words.
  2. Research questions (hypotheses) to be explored in the study, including a stated purpose.
  3. Description of treatments to be used, including:
    • Methods and materials.
    • Time requirements.
    • Personnel to be used.
  4. Description of the design of the study, including:
    • Methods of selecting participants and assigning them to groups.
    • Number of schools, classrooms, students, and teachers to be involved.
  5. Descriptions of all instruments, tests, questionnaires, interview and observation schedules, scales, etc. to be used, including:
    • Time and personnel requirements for administration.
    • Copies of all instruments. (attached)
    • Parent consent forms and student consent forms (attached)
  6. Author and purpose of final report (dissertation, journal article, etc.).
  7. Estimates of all costs, and the person or institution covering each cost.
  8. Estimate of disruption of the regular classroom instructional program.
  9. Methods of ensuring subject anonymity.
  10. Evaluation and description of any possible risks to students/subjects.
  11. Proposed timeline beginning with the first involvement in School District 27J and ending with the submission of the final report (this should indicate who will do what to whom on what dates, e.g., "November 10, 1990, the six classroom teachers chosen for the study will administer the Self Concept As A Learner Scale to all students in their classes.").
  12. List of any other institutions or individuals sponsoring or otherwise associated with this project (e.g., political or commercial organizations, religious groups, professional associates, etc.)
    • In addition to answering the preceding questions your proposal must include the following:
    1. Clearly written letter appropriate for parents which explain:
      • the project's purpose
      • how the student was selected
      • the general procedures to be followed
      • anticipated benefits for general knowledge, the students, and the District
      • whether students will be personally identifiable and to whom
      • to whom results will be available
      • parents' right to inspect testing materials before consenting.
      • the researcher's name, address, and telephone number, and professional affiliations.
      • that the school is neither conducting nor sponsoring the project
      • any identifiable risks to participating students
      • how the student may opt out of the research
      • post-research follow-up procedure
    2. Possible benefits the study can provide to School District 27-J and the field of education.
    3. Brief summary of related literature and a statement explaining how this study differs from other research efforts.
    4. If using any testing instruments proposal should include:
      • author(s)
      • scoring procedures and personnel
      • reliability, when appropriate
      • validity, when appropriate
      • independent (treatment) and dependent (outcome) variables
      • methods of data analysis (statistical procedures, computer programs).