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Use of Wireless - Bus Driver: EEAEG

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Use of Wireless - Bus Driver: EEAEG

While the Superintendent believes the use of wireless communication devices by district bus drivers is important to provide instant communication regarding emergencies as well as to convey other important information, bus drivers shall be subject to the following restrictions to ensure safe use.

For purposes of this policy, wireless communication device is defined as any device intended to facilitate communication, including but not limited to cell phones, two-way radios, walkie talkies, palm pilots, beepers, pagers, etc.

Except as noted below, bus drivers shall not place or receive communications on any wireless communication device while passengers are loading or unloading from the bus or while the bus is in motion.

Under usual circumstances, use of district owned wireless communication devices shall be allowed only when the bus is stopped, passengers are not loading or unloading, and conditions allow for the safe use of the device. Use of such devices while the bus is in motion or during loading/unloading shall be limited to emergency situations and only when such use will not further compromise the safety of passengers or others.

Bus drivers shall under no circumstances place or receive communications unrelated to district business while on duty.

Violation of this policy may subject the driver to disciplinary action.