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Use of Wireless Communication Devices by Employees: EGAF-1

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Use of Wireless Communication Devices by Employees: EGAF-1

While the District believes the use of wireless communication devices by employees is important to provide instant communication regarding emergencies, as well as to convey other important information, employees shall be subject to the following restrictions to ensure safe use.

For purposes of this policy, wireless communication device is defined as any device intended to facilitate communication, including but not limited to cell phones, two-way radios, walkietalkies, PDAs, and pagers.

Under usual circumstances, use of District supported wireless communication devices shall be allowed only when conditions allow for its safe use. It is recognized that other distractions occur during driving; however, curbing the use of cell phones while driving is one way to minimize the risk of accidents.

The District prohibits employee use of cellular phones, either hands on or hands free, or similar devices, for business purposes while driving.

This prohibition of cell phone or similar device use while driving includes, but is not limited to, receiving or placing calls, text messaging, surfing the Internet, receiving or responding to email, checking for phone messages, or any other purpose related to District employment, the District, its customers, its vendors, volunteer activities, meetings or civic responsibilities performed for or attended in the name of the District; or any other District related activities not name here while driving.

Employees are required to stop their vehicle in a safe location to safely use their cell phone or similar device. Engaging in District business while using a cell phone or similar device while driving is prohibited.

Violation of this policy will subject the employee to disciplinary action up to and including termination.