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Walkers and Riders: EEAA-R

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Walkers and Riders: EEAA-R

The District’s transportation program shall be designed to transport eligible students grades K-12 to school and back in an efficient, safe and economical manner. The distance students live from the school, and/or safety concerns unique to their attendance area shall determine eligibility for transportation.

Unless they are assigned to a school designated as a “walk-in” school, students may be provided transportation by the school district when they reside in excess of the following distances measured by the transportation manager or designee:

  • Elementary School: One Mile
  • Middle School: One and One-Half Miles
  • High School: Two Miles

All distances are measured from a student’s residence to the property line of the assigned school by way of the accessible roadways or adequate walkways via the most accessible route. With regard to mobile home communities, distances may be measured from the clubhouse, or in the absence of a clubhouse, the office.

Students who are attending a school other than the school in their own attendance area shall not be eligible for district transportation services unless otherwise provided in Policy JCA Assignment of Students to Schools.

Transportation shall not be furnished to students of a “walk-in” school. A school is designated as a “walk-in” school when all, or a vast majority, of students in the assigned attendance area live within the walking distance and none, or a small group of students, live outside but close to the walking distance.

The District may provide for the transportation of students who live within the stated limits who have special circumstances such as:

  • Extreme safety hazards along school route
  • Special education as deemed appropriate by the student’s IEP

When unsafe walking conditions exist, the transportation manager or designee shall determine if District transportation should be provided. The transportation manager may provide or deny transportation to students notwithstanding the terms of this procedure, as appropriate to provide for the efficient utilization of District resources.