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Gifted & Talented Education

27J Schools provides opportunities for gifted and talented students to develop their personal potential. Classroom instruction includes the use of differentiation. Differentiated instruction is the process of teaching and learning that begins with the premise that not all students are alike. Differentiation meets each student where they are and maximizes their opportunities for success. In addition, each school provides enriched and varied opportunities for gifted and talented students to enable them to develop their specific abilities.

Gifted and Talented Education values:

  • Shared responsibility of educators, parents, and community for the academic and effective growth of gifted and talented learners
  • A climate of excellence and rigorous curricula for every child
  • High quality standard for professional educators who work with gifted and talented learner
  • Identification of exceptional potential in all populations of race, culture, gender or income level

Gifted & Talented Team

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