Seniors Class of 2021!


    Below is a list of general resources to guide you this year! Your counselor will review most of these during your senior 1x1 meeting as well. 

    For questions surrounding graduation info and or senior events, you can reach out to: 

    Amy Bailon Senior Class Sponsor

    Neil Ramirez Student Council Teacher/Sponsor 

    Michael Burke PVHS Principal 


    Class of 2021 Senior Fact Sheet:  For all dates and upcoming Senior Events


    Interested in the Military? We will be offering the ASVAB test on Nov 2nd!. Sign up link below:



    It is time to start ordering cap and gown through Reminder ALL seniors MUST purchase their cap and gown, PVHS is not involved in the process: 

    Order Cap and Gown here!

    Senior Pictures can be uploaded now through Oct 31st for the yearbook. Click on the link below to add your senior photo! 



    1. Sign up for REMIND based on your Advisory teacher:  

    This is how we will communicate important information throughout the year to you! 

    Baber/Charles:        Text      @b346k3  to   81010

    Cadena/Goertz:       Text      @27b8d9  to   81010

    Gelrod/Gleichmann: Text      @ak34g4  to   81010

    DHart/Huff:               Text:     @6ge24f6 to   81010 

    McKain/McDonald:   Text:     @dcf726   to   81010

    Schneider/Riordon:   Text:     @c9ffhde  to   81010

    Shattuck/Waggoner:    Text:     @d2bgbk  to   81010

    Garcia/Mills: Text:     @3h6abe    to  81010 

    Nguyen:         Text:     @b77367 to   81010 


    PVHS Senior Conference 2020-2021  

    1. Sign up for REMIND based on your Advisory teacher:  

    This is how we will communicate important information throughout the year to you! 

    Baber/Charles:           Text      @b346k3  to   81010

    Cadena/Goertz:          Text      @27b8d9  to   81010

    Gelrod/Gleichmann:    Text      @ak34g4  to   81010

    DHart/Huff:                Text:     @6ge24f6 to   81010 

    McKain/McDonald:      Text:     @dcf726   to   81010

    Schneider/Riordon:     Text:     @c9ffhde  to   81010

    Shattuck/Waggoner:    Text:     @d2bgbk  to   81010

    Garcia/Mills:                Text:     @3h6abe    to  81010 

    Nguyen:                      Text:     @b77367 to   81010 

    2. Facebook: Like PVHS Class of 2021 for the most up to date information for Senior planning! 


    3. Take the ACT/SAT:                                                                              

    - You can still apply to colleges before tests are taken or retaken.

    - Due to COVID MOST schools are going to be test optional.

    - SAT: 11/7, 12/5  → register at

    SAT is offering free SAT practice testing: FREE SAT PRACTICE TESTS!


    4. Log into Naviance: Below is the link to the login page.  Click on the blue "Sign in with Clever" and you can login using your 27J google information.

    -Username: student ID #       Password:  1st name-1st initial, last name-1st initial, 6 digit date of birth

    -Use the Clever icon to log on if you are on your Chromebook.


    5. Using Naviance, spend time investigating colleges and universities by using functions like SuperMatch.  

    - Gather information to compare your choices.  


    6. Decide which schools are a good FIT and apply.  

    - For schools on Common Application- go to, register and complete entire application

    - Waive the FERPA, under the Colleges tab (discuss with a counselor or research this if you would like!). 

    - You can only submit your common application to a particular college once!  

    - For schools not on Common App, go to university/college website and complete the online application

      Pay application fee with credit card OR if in state apply on October 13th - all applications are FREE!


    *If required, it is your responsibility to bring me any COUNSELOR RECOMMENDATION FORMS 


    7. Adding Colleges you are applying to via Naviance and Matching Naviance with Common App: 

    Video on how to add colleges applying to and matching with common app

    - Make sure you waive your FERPA right on the Common App before you match your account with Naviance.


     8. Request a teacher letter of recommendation (if needed) via Naviance: 

    -If required, ask a CORE classroom teacher personally for a letter of recommendation.  Give him/her a Brag Sheet and 

      write a thank you note.    Provide plenty of advanced notice prior to the deadline.

    - Brag Sheet Template for Letter of Recommendations

    Video on how to request a letter of rec via Naviance!


    9. Look up Scholarship information.  

    - Search Naviance,,, and make sure you are signed up for the REMIND (see #1) to receive info on all local scholarships that become available. 

    - October 20th, 6:00-7:00pm virtual conference on Scholarship information:

    -  Look at the specific colleges’ websites for college specific scholarships.  

    - Local scholarship information will be available on Naviance in the scholarship list.  


    10. Financial Aid Help:  October 1st, 6:00-7:00pm virtual conference

    -FAFSA opens October 1st, the sooner it is filled out the better

    -Helpful websites: &

    - More virtual conferences are to come!  Keep an eye out for information!


    11. Military and Workforce options

    12. Community Service


    •  UPDATES on college admissions after COVOID:
    •  Senior Year timeline resource: 

             Senior Timeline

             Brag Sheet Template for Letter of Recommendation

     14. Don't want to enroll in a four year college, no problem check out these resources: