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  • Quist Middle School team celebrates milestone of construction completion

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 10/25/2019 9:00:00 AM

    School namesake Rodger Quist joins in construction completion celebration.

    Saunders Construction team turns over the keys to the school to principal.


    The Quist Middle School cheers for construction being completed.

    There's exciting news for the Rodger Quist Middle School community! The new middle school is finished with construction, so the Saunders Construction Team recently turned the keys to the school over to Quist Principal Trina Norris Buck.

    The Quist team, both school and construction sides, gathered in front of the school to cheer as the milestone for construction completion was marked!

    A big shout out goes to Saunders Construction especially Karley Olsen, Luis Covarrubias, Brian Clark and Rob Parham and their subcontractors. Due to their dedication and hard work, Quist Middle School will open seven months early.

    Thank you also to Anser Advisory, formerly Inline Management, owner's representative on the project including Michael Hall, Mark Riedel and Mary Lou Steinbacher; Larson Incitti Architects Nora Brooks, Pete Incitti and Bruce Larson; and the 27J Construction Management team especially Quist Project Manager Kevin Barden for the work that goes into building a new school.

    Thanks also to Rodger Quist for joining in the excitement to celebrate the completion of school construction. The school is named for Quist, who is a retired, longtime educator in 27J Schools including serving as a principal at Northeast and South elementary schools and Overland Trail Middle School.

    Quist teachers and students will officially move into the building after Winter Break in January. More than 760 students will start attending classes in their new school by Jan. 7.

    To get the new school ready, furniture was being delivered the past few weeks and now technology is being installed including getting computers setup in the front offices, setting up copiers, phones, and testing the security systems at the school.

    The school community and community members are invited to an official ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, Dec. 12 at 5:30 p.m. to open the school. People can take self-directed tours of the new school after the ribbon is cut.

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  • Furniture is being delivered to Quist Middle School

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 10/15/2019 1:00:00 PM
    Truck loads of furniture is being delivered to Quist Middle School, which was just constructed over the past year.
    Furniture is being moved into classrooms.
    Workers are assembling furniture in classrooms.
    Table legs are being put on desks and tables in Quist classrooms.
    Boxes of furniture are being moved into the new middle school.
    Furniture is being delivered to Quist Middle School! Three semi-trucks filled with new furniture have been delivered to the school the past two days. Over the next few weeks, a total of 10 truck loads of furniture will be delivered to furnish the new school for a student body of more than 700 middle school students.

    Currently, the Quist Middle School staff, teachers and students are attending school at Riverdale Ridge High School, just across the street. They will move into their new school when they return from winter break in January.

    A ceremonial ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate and officially open Quist Middle School is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 12 at 5:30 p.m. in the main gym at the school, located at 13451 Yosemite St. in Thornton. Quist students, families, staff and community members are invited to the celebration and to take a self-tour inside the new middle school.

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  • Safety and security top priority in 27J Schools

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 9/20/2019 10:00:00 AM

    Additional security radios delivered to all 27J schools

    More than 300 additional security radios have been delivered to all schools in 27J. Pictured above: Reunion Secretary Lisa Egan accepts their shipment of radios from School Safe Representative Doug LaRoy, as Sam Ortega, 27J Emergency Response & Crisis Specialist, looks on.



    More than 300 additional security radios have been delivered to all 27J schools

    Additional security radios have been delivered to all schools in the 27J District.



    South Assistant Principal Breann Moth accepts the shipment of additional radios for South Elementary

    South Assistant Principal Breann Moth learns more about the security radios as School Safe Representative Doug LaRoy delivers 18 more radios to that school.



    Belle Creek Charter School gets more security radios

    Belle Creek Charter School principals accept additional security radios for their School. School Safe Representative Doug LaRoy hands one of the new radios to Vice Principal Allen Polson. Also pictured (center) is Vice Principal Paul Hurst and Principal Jackie Fields.



    Safety is being enhanced at 27J Schools, as 359 additional, interoperable radios are being distributed to all schools including three charter schools.

    Security radios are carried by principals and additional staff while school is in session allowing them to link directly to police and fire department first responders and 911 dispatchers during an emergency situation.

    The new radios are being delivered by 27J Schools Emergency Response & Crisis Specialist Sam Ortega and Randy Long and Doug LaRoy from School Safe, who conduct ongoing radio trainings with 27J administrators and teachers.

    The additional interoperable radios were made available due to 27J Schools receiving a grant from the Colorado Division of Homeland Security that funded the purchase of additional school radios.

    “Adding these radios enhances our school district’s ability to rapidly and efficiently communicate with safety teams, school personnel and other district personnel,” said Ortega. “It brings more people into the communication circle at each school to provide a greater sense of safety and security. Having additional radios allows us to be more proactive across all the schools with more voices to report anything that might cause a threat to a school.”

    Interoperable radios allow 27J personnel to directly communicate between schools and with first responders during an emergency. The District’s initial investment in the interoperable radio system was funded through the 2015 School Construction Bond.

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  • Quist Middle School is almost finished being built

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 9/13/2019

    The bleachers are installed at Quist Middle School which will open to students in January.

    Rodger Quist Middle School has the mascot of the Royals.

    Both gyms for the middle school have new wood floors installed.

    Quist Middle School is in the final stages of construction. This is the District's fifth middle school, located at 136th Avenue and Yosemite Street in Thornton. Crews are on schedule to complete the Quist project by early October.

    This month, ball fields and landscaping will be completed. In the gyms, bleachers and wood floors were just installed. Furniture will soon arrive.

    Currently, Quist Middle School students attend school at Riverdale Ridge High, but will move to their new building in January. 

    Quist families, teachers and staff as well as community members are invited to a ribbon cutting ceremony in December. More details to come as soon as a date and time are set for the ceremony to officially open the school!

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  • Floors getting poured for Elementary School #13

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 8/30/2019

    Crews pour the concrete floor Steel continues for the two story building

    A photo of the gym and front of the school

    Crews are pouring a floor today at Elementary School #13. Structural steel also continues on the two-story side of the school.

    Naming nominations for School #13 will be accepted through Friday, September 6, 2019. Nomination forms are available online or at the 27J Schools Educational Services Center at 18551 E. 160th Avenue in Brighton.

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  • Steel outlines the front of Brighton's next school

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 8/19/2019

    Structural steel has been started at Elementary #13. This is the front entryway.

    Crews continue to hang steel at Elementary School #13.

    Elementary School #13 is starting to look like a school! Crews started hanging structural steel last week and now you can see the framework for the front entry of the school.

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  • Homeland Security grants awarded to 27J Schools

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 7/25/2019

    27J staff receives interoperable radio training for safety in schools.

    Riverdale Ridge High's new dean gets training on using interoperable radio.

    27J staff members received radio training this week with School Safe.

    27J principals, assistant principals and high school deans received training on interoperable radios which allow 27J personnel to directly communicate between schools and first responders in an emergency.

    The radio training was part of the training for principals and school adminstrators on July 22-23, as schools start to open this week in preparation for the 2019-20 school year.

    Two Homeland Security grants awarded to the school district will provide funds to further support school safety. 27J school staff and District adminstrators will continue to get additional radio training due to these grant funds.

    The first grant, awarded through the School Safety Disbursement Grant in the amount of $349,734, will pay for additional interoperable radios, extending the warranties on certain components of the District’s current radio system and provide funds for repair services and battery replacements for existing radios. The grant also provides training, over multiple years, for 27J staff and for first responders in the use of the radios.

    The second grant, awarded by the School Access For Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant Program in the amount of $520,280, will also provide funds to upgrade and improve radio infrastructure during emergency communications in 27J.


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  • 27J Parent works on road construction at Quist

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 7/16/2019

    Victor Hernandez and his brother Juan Hernandez own the company striping 136th Avenue.

    Victor Hernandez (left) and his twin brother Juan Hernandez own J&V Striping and were striping the newly paved 136th Avenue stretch of road north of Quist Middle School today on July 16. 

    This road construction project is very special to Victor because his children who are also twins--Gael and Jessvy Hernandez--will attend Quist Middle School as sixth graders starting next month.

    "They are happy to be coming to Quist Middle School," Victor said. "I like it that they will attend a new school." He said his workers also put the stripes down on the Quist parking lot.


    Putting down the stripes for 136th Avenue was started on July 16.

    Paving of 136th Avenue was started on July 13.

    The intersection at 136th Avenue and Yosemite Street has been recently paved.

    The intersection of Yosemite Street and 136th Avenue was paved starting on July 13.

    This intersection and a stretch of 136th Avenue that runs along Quist Middle School will remain closed to motorists through early August, when road construction is completed.


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  • 2006 Brighton High Alumnus on construction crew for #13

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 7/12/2019

    Crews pouring concrete for foundation footers. Foundation footers poured as foundation goes in for school.

    Wayne's Electric crews working to get temporary power to site.

    Utilities including power being put in at new school site.

    Brighton alumni from Wayne's Electric working to build Elementary #13

    As crews continue to put in the foundation for new Elementary School #13 in Brighton, you can start to see the footprint of the school.

    Construction workers are pouring concrete footers working so that in about a month steel construction will begin. Utilities including stormwater and sanitary sewer lines are in the process of being installed.

    At the site on July 12, was a crew from Wayne's Electric who are working to bring power to the school site. It's fun to note that Brighton High alumnus, Casey Stout, Class of 2006 is part of the construction team building the new school. Stout went to Northeast and Southeast elementaries as a child, and he attended Vikan Middle School.

    "It's nice to see 27J Schools being remodeled and revamped and I'm gratified to see the different technologies going in the schools, so these buildings can stand the test of time," he said.

    "We're putting new LED lighting in schools so there is good lighting in there," Stout said. "It's clean, white light that makes it easier on kids' eyes and for them not to have eye fatigue, and the new lights make it easier for students to pay attention in class."

    Stout remembers when Brighton High was remodeled when he was a student. They added on the front addition to the library and added large windows to bring in more natural light.

    As a Wayne's Electric professional, Casey Stout has worked on electrical projects to improve 27J Schools at Northeast Elementary, Overland Trail Middle School, and most recently on the construction projects for Quist Middle School and Elementary #13.

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  • New sidewalk created next to Quist Middle School

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 7/3/2019

    Sidewalk going in along 136th Avenue

    Workers pour new sidewalk on north side of Quist Middle School

    Smoothing out the new sidewalk on the south side of 136th Avenue

    Workers pouring curb and gutter along 136th

    Bike lanes were re-painted along Yosemite Street

    Sidewalks connect communities and give students safer walking routes to school. Designated bike lanes help remind motorists to share the road. As road paving continues on streets adjacent to Riverdale Ridge High and Quist Middle School--still under construction with an open date of next January--improved safety is one of the benefits.

    Bike lanes on Yosemite Street have been re-painted along the northern portion of the road, after new asphalt was put down. Along 136th Avenue, west of the Yosemite intersection, a new sidewalk has been installed on the north side of Quist Middle School. 

    That intersection remains closed to motorists until a new two-lane road is paved. That road work is scheduled to be completed by early August.


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