•  mceldowney

    Name: Jason McEldowney

    Number of years living in School District 27J: 11

    Occupation: Verizon Enterprise Marketing, Contract Strategy and Automation

    Are you a district parent? YES

    If so, where does your child or children attend school? Second Creek Elementary

    Why were you interested in serving on the 27J Community Bond Oversight Committee?

    I have a strong desire to leave the world a little better off for my daughter and her generation...and figured out last a decade ago, that I had to do more than hope and talk to make that happen. That led to becoming a City Councilman in 2007, a role I will play until the end of my term in 2017.

    I believe the quality of our schools is directly tied to the quality of our communities and our economic success. As such, I have made schools a central focus since I began serving as a councilman.

    That advocacy has led me to work closely with the district and to help found the Iam27J community effort that worked so hard to see this bond passed.

    As a result of the work done to see the bond pass, I feel that I have a responsibility to my community see that the promises made in that campaign are delivered on.

    What do you hope to accomplish by serving on this committee?

    Act as the voice, eyes and ears of my community, and to ask the questions they want asked, to understand decisions being made and to help my community understand those decisions. More than anything though, I ultimately want to help build trust between our community and our school district so that together we can achieve the outcomes our kids deserve.