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    “The mission of 27J Schools, with the support of the family and community, is to ensure that ALL students have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for present and future competence and success.”  

The Thinking Classroom

  • This is the fundamental purpose of our work.  Our mission drives teaching and learning across our system and frames the decisions that we make as a school district.

    The student of today is the citizen, the worker, the parent and the leader of tomorrow.  In the year 2039 our students of today will be engaged in society in ways that we cannot fully understand.   Rapid technological advancement, the interconnectedness and the access to information has changed the landscape of work.  Imagine…

    What will the world be like in 2039?  What jobs will exist?  What skills will be needed? What attitudes will allow them to be successful in life 20 years after graduation?  

     And yet we must prepare them.   

    Their future compels us to employ a dynamic vision of teaching and learning.   Our students need us and we are accountable.   In 2039 acquiring information will have been replaced by a whole host of skills that will require a great deal more of our students than our traditional approach has offered.  These skills include: 

    • Entrepreneurial Skills - Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Inquiry, Analysis, Innovating, Risk Taking
    • Personal Skills – Self Awareness, Perseverance, Initiative, Personal Responsibility, Flexibility
    • Interpersonal Skills – Collaboration, Communication, Cultural-Global Networking, Civic Engagement, Character
    • Professional Skills- Time Management, Career Awareness, Information Literacy, Productivity, Self-Advocacy, Use of Information and Technology, Leadership

    Notice that “knowing of content” has fallen completely off of the list.  The list of skills, understandings, and dispositions demanded by the future require something different of educators in our classrooms.  These aren’t lessons to be lectured, listened to, and recalled by our students.  Learning today and preparing our students for our world tomorrow requires far more from our learners.  As educators, we must engage these foundational skills through a new set of learning experiences.  

    In 27J Schools, we have named the ideal classroom for learning as the Thinking Classroom.  We envision a classroom where students are actively thinking, inquiring, problem solving, engaging, self-regulating, and owning their learning.  This learning, received in the Thinking Classroom, will go with our students as they head into the future of 2039.  

    Preparing our students for their future is the challenge of our careers and an opportunity for all of us in 27J Schools.  We are committed to preparing all students for a successful career and life far beyond high school graduation.  We believe the best way to prepare for the future is by practicing these skills, understandings, and attitudes in the Thinking Classroom today.

27J Schools Annual Accountability Report

Student Learning Team

First Name Last Name Position E-Mail Phone
Lisa Ackerman Instructional Coach lackerman@sd27j.net 303-655-8943
Bethany Ager Early Childhood Coordinator bager@sd27j.net 720-685-7619
Andrea Barber Instructional Coach abarber@sd27j.net 303-655-2981
Krissy Barragan Instructional Coach kbarragan@sd27j.net 303-655-2953
Cindy Buell Instructional Coach cbuell@sd27j.net 303-655-8943
Sheri Collier Instructional Specialist- Gifted and Talented scollier@sd27j.net 303-655-2971
Catie Connolly Instructional Coach cafoster@sd27j.net 303-655-2974
Melissa Fike Instructional Specialist-Professional Development mfike@sd27j.net 303-655-2804
Melissa Frohman Instructional Coach mfrohman@sd27j.net 303-655-2953
Lucia Gonzales Instructional Specialist-English Language Learners lagonzales@sd27j.net 303-655-2825
Susan Herll Instructional Specialist-Literacy and Social Studies sherll@sd27j.net 720-685-7608
Jen Kellison Instructional Specialist-Academic Interventions jenkellison@sd27j.net 303-655-2838
Jordan Marshall Instructional Coach jmarshall@sd27j.net 303-655-8936
Alyssa McFarland Instructional Specialist- Special Education amcfarland@sd27j.net 303-655-2907
Lisa Morris Instructional Coach lmmorris@sd27j.net 303-655-2838 x2
Karla Reider Instructional Specialist-Student Assessments and Data kreider@sd27j.net 303-655-2941
Cindy Ritter Instructional Specialist-Math and Science critter@sd27j.net 303-655-2961
Leslie Vickers Instructional Specialist-Curriculum Frameworks lvickers@sd27j.net 303-655-2812
Sonia Wheatlake Instructional Coach swheatlake@sd27j.net 303-655-2974