• The Student Learning Department exists to improve student learning.  To this end, we believe in and are actively chasing the “thinking classroom” for every 27J learning space.  The “thinking classroom” is explicit teaching and learning that demands active “thinking” from teachers and students alike.  There are three essential elements of the “thinking classroom”... GOAL, EVIDENCE, LEARNING EXPERIENCES.

    Goal:   The teacher identifies the learning goals through the use of the Common Core and Colorado Academic Standards and shares this goal with students.  The goal is for the learner and should extend the learner beyond knowledge acquisition and push students to problem solve, analyze, process, and “think”.

    Evidence:  Both the teacher and the student pay close attention to the evidence of student learning and progress made toward this learning.  The evidence is authentic and should help guide future instruction, support, additional challenge, and real time recovery.

    Learning Experience:  The teacher creates learning experiences and a learning environment that promotes student interaction, participation, and empowers students to seize control of their own learning.  Students learn by doing, struggling, persevering, and self-regulating.

    We realize that the “thinking classroom” is not the kind of teaching that we have all experienced as students.  It represents a major shift for educators and students alike, yet we know our students deserve to be prepared for the world that they will soon live, work, and lead. 

    We believe in 27J teachers and leaders.  We believe in the potential of all students.  We believe that through collaboration, and by actively chasing the “thinking classroom”, we can improve student learning.

    Please feel free to contact any of the names listed below with questions, needs, or ways that we can better support the “thinking classroom”. 

Name Position Email Phone
Bethany Ager Instructional Specialist for Early Childhood bager@sd27j.net 720-685-7619
Cindy Ritter Instructional Specialist for Math and Science critter@sd27j.net 303-655-2961
Jennifer Kellison Instructional Specialist for Academic Interventions jenkellison@sd27j.net 303-655-2838
Leslie Vickers Instructional Specialist lvickers@sd27j.net 303-655-2812
Lucia Gonzales Instructional Specialist for English Language Learners lagonzales@sd27j.net 303-655-2825
Melissa Fike Instructional Specialist for Professional Development mfike@sd27j.net 303-655-2804
Sheri Collier Instructional Specialist for Gifted and Talented scollier@sd27j.net 303-655-2971
Susan Herll Instructional Specialist - Literacy sherll@sd27j.net 720-685-7608
Alyssa McFarland Academic Interventionist amcfarland@sd27j.net 303-655-2907
Andy Roob Instructional Coach TOSA - ESC jroob@sd27j.net 303-655-2812
Andrea Barber Instructional Coach TOSA - ESC abarber@sd27j.net 303-655-2900
Catie Foster Instructional Coach TOSA - ESC cafoster@sd27j.net 303-655-2900
Della Palacios Instructional Coach TOSA - ESC dpalacios@sd27j.net 303-655-2900
Jordan Marshall Instructional Coach TOSA - ESC jstrawn@sd27j.net 303-655-2900
Joy Casey Instructional Coach TOSA - ESC jcasey@sd27j.net 303-655-2900
Krissy Barragan Instructional Coach TOSA - ESC kbarragan@sd27j.net 303-655-2900
Sonia Wheatlake Instructional Coach TOSA - ESC swheatlake@sd27j.net 303-655-2900
Karla Reider Instructional Specialist for Student Assessments and Data kreider@sd27j.net 303-655-2941
Lisa Morris Instructional Coach - TOSA lmmorris@sd27j.net 303-655-2838