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Students train to gain phlebotomy certification

27J Schools mission is to ensure that ALL students have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for present and future competence and success. To that end, we have created a robust Career & Technical Education program that prepares students for successful careers through the real-world application of core academic skills partnered with industry specific training and certification.


One such example is the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program offered at Brighton High. The program is open to all 27J students, but only offered at Brighton High.


Most recently, 18 seniors successfully passed the CNA certification course and are now in the process of training to receive their phlebotomy certification. The certifying agency, National Healthcare Association, normally only certifies students who have already earned a diploma or GED. The organization makes an exception for 27J Schools as long as participating students are on track to graduate at the end of the semester.


Students are required to fulfill all course curriculum and content, successfully complete 40 blood draws, and pass an online test in order to attain their certification.


Many students have expressed an interest in continuing their education in the medical field upon high school graduation. Four students are currently working as CNAs in medical practices.