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Principal Sims looks back on 18-year career in 27J

After 18 years in 27J Schools, Evoice Sims announced her decision to retire at the end of the 2020-2021 school year. She spent all 18 years in 27J at Second Creek Elementary and Second Creek K-8, so her relationships with staff and the community are deep and personal.

Evoice originally found 27J Schools when she was researching another school district in the area. 

“I walked into the district office located on 8th Ave and was welcomed with open arms by Kelly Corbett (the district’s former professional development director and chief academic officer), and Kathy Gaskin (then the school’s counselor),” she said. “27J believed in me and opened the door for me to learn and grow as a professional and as a school leader.”

Over the years, Evoice looked for new and better ways to serve her students. She was always able to learn new skills and tap into new research, which helped her evolve as her community changed over the years. 

She appreciated the district’s approach to tackling new challenges together. When faced with any problem, Evoice said the district solved problems by “bringing all the necessary people in the room before making changes that would impact everyone.”

Evoice built strong instructional teams and cultivated a collaborative environment that made the school a welcoming, learning environment for all children.

Evoice’s husband, Matthew, also worked for 27J Schools and retired from the transportation department just three years ago. They plan to return to the South where they originally grew up, and together they will serve in ministry, travel and explore new interests.