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Commerce City proclaims Careers In Construction Month

#27JThanks the Commerce City Council for proclaiming October as "Careers In Construction Month" and for inviting 27J to be a part of the proclamation, highlighting how our schools are preparing students to enter this and other industries.

We asked a 27J representative who attended the council meeting, Prairie View High School Career and Technical Education (CTE) teacher Adam Nelson, what impact he sees the proclamation and CTE courses having on the success and future opportunities of students.

"Between our Welding and Building Trades programs we work with over 300 students a year. I have three students that are currently going through the electrical apprenticeship program, three that are in construction management programs at various colleges, and many students that went straight to work in construction," said Nelson.

"I am hoping that the proclamation will help construction companies see what were are doing here and want to partner with us in training our students to fill positions of need in the construction industry."

Not only do the CTE courses that Nelson and others teach in 27J schools help students gain skills for life beyond high school, they also help students reach graduation.

New graduation demonstrations (for the Classes of 2021+) can be met by earning an industry certificate, through Construction and other CTE courses.


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