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Brighton High graduate competes in American Ninja Warrior

The ability to persevere in the face of difficulties is a key skill for success in school and in life. 2018 Brighton High graduate, Nathan Hansen, has done just that.


On July 14th, Nathan successfully completed the American Ninja Warrior course in St. Louis, Missouri. Nathan was the first to finish the course and hit the buzzer the night he competed. “During my run I went into a mode where nothing else mattered. It was just me and the obstacles face to face. When I hit the buzzer, it felt surreal because it had been a dream for so long.” 


The journey to get to this point wasn’t easy. At age twelve, Nathan was diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency. Nathan struggled in sports due to the danger of size and potential injuries like concussions. In school, Nathan faced bullying due to his size and stature.


The love, support, and inspiration Nathan received from teachers at BHS are what helped him to keep going through thick and thin. Mr. Ted Halbert, Mrs. Alicia Champlin and Mrs. Kathy Gustad were just a few of many teachers who inspired him to persevere and never lose sight of his goals. “No matter what the case was, they told me to push through, dedicate myself, and give it my all,” Nathan recalls.


During his senior year at Brighton High, Nathan began working at a gym called Ninja Nation. When he found Ninja, he knew there was something different about it and after attempting the obstacles, he couldn’t get enough. 


In May of 2018, Nathan graduated from Brighton High School as a Daniels Scholar. He is currently enrolled  at CU Boulder pursuing a bachelor's degree in Business Management and Leadership. Although he is in school full-time, Nathan trained for the competition consistently. After one year of training, he began to compete in ninja leagues around the country and eventually started competing against professional ninjas that he had grown up watching and admiring. In June of 2020, he received a casting call for American Ninja Warrior. 


Nathan is still attending CU Boulder and expects to graduate in May of 2022. In regards to his future on American Ninja Warrior, he wants total victory! His advice to his fellow students, “Never underestimate your opportunity to be successful, as it could come at any moment.”


We are #27J Proud of all Nathan has accomplished and are grateful to claim him as an outstanding 27J alumnus. Keep on inspiring!