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Dr. Chris Fiedler receives Charter School Authorizer Award

27J Schools is proud to announce that the Colorado League of Charter Schools has selected 27J Schools Superintendent Dr. Chris Fiedler as the recipient of the Charter School Authorizer Award.
Dr. Fiedler has led 27J Schools and its Board of Education to support and effectively partner with charter schools in an effort to provide the best education for all students. He has gone above and beyond as an advocate for all charters in the district. Under his leadership, the school district has offered special education support and training, professional development and Infinite Campus access for teachers, psychologists, therapists and administrators. Dr. Fiedler has prioritized communication of all charter boards to ensure cohesive interaction regarding key issues that are best for all students in 27J and beyond.
Congratulations to Dr. Fiedler for his inclusive leadership which enables all students to achieve their full potential!
Dr. Fiedler will be recognized and honored for his achievement at the Colorado League of Charter Schools 2020 Leadership Summit which will be held virtually.