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Exceptional 27J student-artist uses his skills to inspire and educate

NASH, a brilliant young artist is a 7th-grade student in 27J Schools’ Homebound Educational Services program. This program provides NASH with the ability to receive Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA), a therapy based on the science of learning and behavior which he is currently receiving fully online. 

Although NASH is non-verbal, he still has a lot to say! Through his art, NASH is able to process and express himself while providing some insight about what it is like to live with autism, epilepsy, and PTSD. 

About two months ago, NASH and his parents launched a business called, Adaptability Unlimited. They sell t-shirts and hoodies that depict NASH’s artwork. All profits go towards purchasing a support dog to help NASH and contribute to a fund supporting NASH into the future. The business was named Adaptability Unlimited because NASH and his parents believe that anyone can find new ways to adapt and find success, regardless of their situation. 

NASH’s artwork comes to life through his personality. One of his favorite ways to express himself is through pour art. This technique allows NASH to use different colors of paint and pour them over each other to create unique designs. His art reflects what he is feeling and who he is. For example, his favorite color is purple, so he incorporates that color a lot in his art. 

NASH also loves science and math and creating science experiments, which is reflected in some of the designs of his hoodies and graphic tees. Other designs feature NASH’s favorite or most popular phrases that he expresses through his communication device. 

NASH was really excited to see the first finished t-shirt of Adaptability Unlimited. He was even more excited when he saw some of our 27J staff wearing it in his ABA lessons. 

Angela and Arly, NASH’s parents, reflect on this experience. “The purpose of this has been really inspiring and impactful, especially within the special needs community. So many of us worry about our kid’s futures, and now Adaptability Unlimited serves as a source of inspiration.”

We are #27Proud of NASH for impacting our community in a positive way through his artwork. 


You can support Nash by going to