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Staff Spotlight: Intervention Services Director

There are many people, at every level throughout 27J, who help students achieve and thrive in and out of the classroom. For this staff spotlight, we asked a few questions of one of those persons: Director of Intervention Services Jaime White, who previously served as principal of Prairie View High School. intervention services director jaime white


1. What inspired you to make the move from high school administrator to Intervention Services Director?
I was interested in the opportunity for growth and to increase my sphere of influence.  I wanted to work with all building administrators to increase capacity throughout the district in meeting the needs of our at-risk student population and to really impact the social emotional learning aspects of all students. I believe that we have been doing great work to increase the capacity of teachers in regards to instruction, but until we really address the social emotional needs of all students, we will not see the achievement and growth in students increase.  
2. What are your goals for your first year in this new role?
Our goal for the first year is to make sure all stakeholders understand the role of the Intervention Services department and our purpose.  The purpose of Intervention Services is to develop healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged students through a whole-child approach, by empowering buildings through resources and support to educate, advocate and overcome barriers. 
3. Tell us a little about the special services your department provides to students, staff and parents.
We support schools with all at-risk student needs including the following:
  1. Discipline support/resources for students on alternative suspension or expulsion plans.
  2. Expulsion support and educational placement.
  3. Support to families and students experiencing homelessness, foster care etc.
  4. Home Bound and Homeschooling support.
  5. Support and resources related to medical care, dental care and overall student health and wellness.
  6. Support to schools related to enrollment, admission, and withdrawal.
  7. Support to schools related to social emotional learning, mental health and  counseling.
4. How do you help students overcome obstacles?
We provide many different resources to families and schools to help the whole-child.  Removing barriers related to all of the above.  We also assist families with backpacks, school supplies, coats and other items throughout the school year to set them up for success in school. 
5. What do you see as the biggest challenges in your new role?
Developing systems to provide support to all schools related to all risk factors and needs that we are seeing in students across the district.  Supporting schools with mental health needs and resources.27J intervention services team members
6. What are you most excited for the first year?
Working on a common purpose with my team to better serve our community of schools, students and families.  I am excited to learn more about what everyone is already doing and to support growth in any way we can.  Creating focus groups that include all stakeholders to talk about and problem solve attendance concerns, safety and other student matters.
7. Anything else you think the community wants/should to know about with regards to the work of your team? New services/programs, ways to reach out to your department, resources, etc.
We have resources on our web page for families.  We will also be communicating through blackboard and peach jar.