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School Supply List for 2021-2022



This will be done by the teachers. Please pay the office ASAP.

Students will need to purchase over the head headphones - No earbuds please. 4/14


1st Grade

We ask for specific brands because we have learned they work better, don't stain clothing, break less often and allow us to have a more structured learning environment. Thank you for your understanding and providing your child with the supplies necessary for them to be successful  in their 1st Grade Year! 

1- School supply box (plastic)

2-Primary writing journal with illustration box at the top. (We are asking for two, one for the first semester and one for the second semester.) 


1-Headphones-(No earbuds), Used for technology in the classroom for testing. LABEL WITH CHILD'S NAME

3-Folders, Colors: Green, Blue, Red (Please no paper folders they break easily)

1- 1 inch binder 

2-Crayola Crayons, 24 Count

1- Pack of Erasers

1-Elmers Glue Stick Pack of 12 Count

2-Ticonderoga 12 Pack #2 Yellow/Wood Pencils Sharpened with Erasers

1-Crayola Washable Markers Box

1-Expo Dry Erase Markers Black 4 or 6 pack Thick point

1-Expo Dry Erase Markers Black 4 or 6 pack thin point 

1- Post-it-Sticky Notes 8 Pack 

4-Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

3- Boxes of Kleenex Facial Tissues

2-Big Hand Sanitizer Bottles

1- Box(es) of Band-Aids

1-Box(es) of Ziploc brand Bags, Sandwich Size- If last name starts with A-M

1- Box(es) of Ziploc brand Bags, Gallon Sized- If last name starts with N-Z

2-3 Face Mask (Students will need to wear a mask each day in the classroom. Please keep a spare mask in their backpacks.) 


1-Chromebook carry case

1-Pack of laminating sheets (8.5x11”)


1-Super Stacker Crayon Box

1-Package of Cardstock, White

1-Colored Construction Paper


2nd Grade

1 set of over the ear Headphones-(NOT earbuds) Used for technology and online testing-Please label with student’s name

We are purchasing the remaining supplies for $40.

(Purchasing will be done by the teachers.  Please pay the office ASAP.)



3rd Grade

1- child sized scissors, pointed

1 -large pencil bag (zippered) or pencil box (No locks, please!)

1- 10-pack of dividers for 3 ring binders

2- 1" 3-ring binders 

2- pocket folders (one red, one blue)

2 -- composition notebook (1 for use with school counselor)

1 - spiral notebook

3rd Grade continued…….

6- glue sticks

60- #2 pre-sharpened pencils

1- box of 8 colored markers

1- package colored pencils or crayons

3 -packages regular dry erase markers (colors+ black)

1 sturdy handheld pencil sharpener

1 pair of good quality earbuds (and one extra pair for the class as they break easily)

1 bottle hand sanitizer

1 package of three Clorox wipes

1 Pack Gallon Ziploc bags

Girls: 1 Pack Quart Ziploc bags

Boys: 1 package of notecards


4th Grade

1- 5 subject Notebook

2- Composition Notebooks (1 for use with the school counselor)

1 - 1 ½ inch 3 Ring Binder

1 - pkg plastic dividers - 8 count

4 - Plastic folders with prongs - red,blue, green and yellow

1 - Plastic Folder (Design of choice)

1 - Pencil Box/bag

1 pkg pencils (Pre-sharpened or mechanical pencils)

1 - pkg of colored pencils

1 -  Box of crayons

1 -  pkg pink erasers

1 -  pair scissors

1 -  plastic ruler

1 - pkg of glue sticks

2 - boxes of tissue

2-3 pack of clorox Wipes

2 - Bottles of hand sanitizer - 1 regular size and and 1 personal size

2 - pkgs of dry erase markers

1-3 count pkg of sticky notes

2 sets of earbuds

1 - pkg of highlighters 

1 -pkg of black sharpies


5th Grade

*There may be additional supplies depending on which team of teachers your child is with. We will let you know at back-to-school night.

1-pkg of skinny colored markers

1-pkg of colored pencils

2-boxes/pkgs #2 pencils 

3-lrg boxes facial tissue

1-pair of scissors

4-Clorox wipes (or other brand)

1-hand-held enclosed pencil sharpener (NO electric or battery operated)

2- Masks to bring to school every day

6-lrg dry erase skinny markers (BLACK ONLY)

1- Package of colored Expo markers

5th grade continued

2-container hand sanitizer

1-box of Band-Aids

2-two inch 3 ring binder

1- Package of  8 page dividers

1-package of either blue or black pens

1of each- pink, yellow, and green hi-lighters 

8 glue sticks

1 - Clipboard

1 - bottle of Elmer’s Glue

3 rolls of scotch tape

6 - composition notebook - 2 - red - 1 orange, 1 green and 1 blue and 1 whatever color to use with the counselor

4- 2 pocket folder- red, orange, green, and blue

1-pencil box or bag


1-set of earbuds to leave at school

2-package of sticky notes



Preschool List for in person


full-size backpack labeled with child’s name 

 water bottle labeled with child’s name

 large box of tissues

1 pack of Crayola markers

1 set of watercolor paint

1 pair of scissors

1 complete set of clothes

 Pack of Play-doh 4oz 

1 pkg of dry erase markers (NO DOUBLE SIDED MARKERS)

Foaming Hand Soap

Supply Box

1 pack of crayons

1 Ream of copy paper

1 Pencil Box


(These are additional supplies for Taylor’s class only)

1 - 3 Ring Binder (½ inch)

Pkg of glue sticks

2 Masks if we are using them

1 Daily Snack

1 Water Bottle - water only