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Student interns take over Mondays

One of the questions we often get with regards to the four-day school week is what do our students do on Mondays? A group of Prairie View High students are gaining valuable work experience through the school’s Monday pilot internship program.
Research shows that students who are exposed to work-place experiences while in high school are not only more likely to graduate from high school, but are also more successful in life after high school. It is with this intention that Prairie View High School's Business Teacher Jean Schneider created the intern program.
27J’s Communications Department selected Dillon Ecker, a PVHS senior, for an internship. As the storytellers of the district, Dillon will be meeting with his fellow interns at their work sites and interviewing them about their experience so we can share their journeys with the entire 27J community. Stayed tuned for those stories to appear throughout the end of the school-year.
"I'm looking forward to this experience and the opportunity to use what I learn in the future and to get a feel for what it's like to work in a professional environment," said Dillon
We are looking forward to having Dillon on our team to give us a fresh perspective on the student experience in 27J.
Other local businesses supporting this program include: Brighton Housng Authority, Brand Safway Solutions, City of Brighton, Prgresh, Adams County IT, Adams County HR, 27J Nutrition Services, Boys/Girls Club, Hearing Dog.