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2019 Spring Conferences

Spring Conferences are coming up on March 18th & March 21st. Please find your child's teacher and sign up for a slot that works for your family. Thanks!


Preschool - Casey Matthews

Preschool - Maureen Sheehy -


Kindergarten - Katie Ashley


Kindergarten - Melissa Free


Kindergarten - Nicole Hodge


Kindergarten - Sigrid Bowen


First Grade - Olivia Spoelstra


First Grade - Jenna McClain


First Grade - Lindsay Rider


First Grade - Ray Sievering


Second Grade - Kate Schulte


Second Grade - Dave Devincenzi


Second Grade - Erica Hermsen


Second Grade - Christine Fletcher


Second Grade -  Sarah Senescu


Third Grade - Gabriela Stecklein


Third Grade - Jenna Brantley


Third Grade - Laurisa Fling



Third Grade - Melissa Swartz


Fourth Grade - Sarah Delein


Fourth Grade - Rachel Haas


Fourth Grade - Heather Jones


Fourth Grade - Zachary Flaherty


Fifth Grade - Naomi Picon


Fifth Grade - Victoria Haber


Fifth Grade - Brittany Robbins


Fifth Grade - Matthew Seibel


Fifth Grade - Erin Federico


The Learning Center - Bre Stampley


The Learning Center - William Bulmer