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West Ridge Dismissal Policy

As the bell rings at 3:30 in the afternoon, we will be dismissing over 700 students.  In order to safely manage this daily event, we will continue to use our dismissal procedure that will require us all to be organized.  We ask that all parents declare whether their child will be picked up daily in Hug & Go, walk home regularly, or ride a bus to and from school.  Each student will receive a color coded back-pack tag (and car window placard if they are a Hug & Go student) on the 1st day of school which will correlate with their method of heading home.  Walkers and Bus Riders will exit the school as they have traditionally at West Ridge.  Bus students will exit the east doors and load in the rear of the school.  Walkers may exit any door and will be asked to walk home using the supervised cross walks.  Students who are to be picked up by car in Hug & Go will be directed to the gym and eventually escorted to their parent’s car.   We will continue to have supervision present at every crosswalk and designated areas to help supervise and ensure safety, but we must have parent cooperation!  If you would be interested in volunteering to help with any of the crosswalks, please contact the office.


Picking-up Students Via Hug & Go

All cars will be funneled in two lines of traffic entering from the South entrance of the main driveway as usual.  Students will be waiting in the gym for their name to be called.  They will be released to cars marked with identification placards that correspond with the child’s last name.  Once students are safely loaded, those cars will be released and the next set of cars in line will be loaded in the same fashion until all students and cars have been safely loaded and dismissed. 


‘Hug & Go’ Blue ID tag

‘Walkers’ White ID tag

‘Bus Riders’ Red ID tag


THE ONLY EXCEPTION to use of the bus zone is for Kid Zone drop off / pickup during the Kid Zone operating  hours.  If any bus is in the round-about you may NOT enter.


Parking Lot/ Parking

Parents are expected to use our parking lot if they plan on getting out of their car at dismissal, or if their child has not made it out of the building by the time their car reaches the loading zone.  Cars will not be allowed to park in our driveway at any time.   Please take special note of our “Handicapped Parking” spots— it is expected that these spots are only utilized by those legally authorized, as a courtesy to their special needs.